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  • hi,

    i am new and learing excel VB, i have worked out below based on macro recording, but when i activate the macro i see formula bar showing '=COUNTIFS(summ_bycode!H:H,"=wong",summ_bycode!J:J,">=1")', anyone can help to convert to a propoer VB coding?

    Thank you very much for you help in advance.


    Sub countifs_DAE()
        ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
    End Sub


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    Hi Chhiew,

    I think this may solve your Problem

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    hi chand123, thanks for your guidance.

    a bit confused on criteria range & criteria 1, if my criteria range is h2:f100, and criteria 1 is column f2:f100, what is the code?

    if i my data range is on sheet2, how to refer it to sheet?

    thank you so much.

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    To all involved in this thread, if you are quoting VBA code, please use code tags. I have edited the earlier posts to add them.

    As a pointer, in case it helps, the easiest way to find the R1C1 format of a formula for VBA purposes is to write the formula manually in Excel, in the normal A1 format, then go into the Visual Basic Editor, Immediate Pane, and type:

    ? Activecell.FormulaR1C1

    and hit return. This will give you the formula you have just typed in R1C1 format. You might need to edit it for use in VBA by adding the extra " characters to return " in the formula.


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