Combo/List boxes ??? SOLVED

  • Morning all,

    It's a lvoely suuny one here today, a balmy 25 and I'm off to do the Bridge Climb later.

    Anyway enough of that..........

    I have a sheet that the user enters payment information into andf then runs a macro which converts this to the necessary text file to import into some banking software.

    I am now writing the section for Overseas payments and have a question for you.

    I need the user to select the currency of the payment, which needs to be a valid ISO currency code. I have created a list of 2 columns in my sheet, 1 column hasd the ISO code(eg USD or GBP) and the other has the country(eg United States or United Kingdom).

    What is the most effective way of collecting this nfo from the user ? Would it be a combo box ? :question:

  • Thanks Dennis.

    If I use a Combo list can I use the data that the user selects or do I have to use the number returned as the result ?

    For instance if the user selects USD from the list can I somehow pick up this data or do I have to work from the number that is returned as a result ? :question:

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