GetElementByID and Java

  • Hi All,

    Hopefully someone can point out an error I have made. I am trying to input into a web based system called ResourceLink by NorthGate. I looked into the code and thought I could input by ID, but it isn't playing ball. Anyone know what code I should use to input -

    <INPUT id=proiv_MD33S1-PostNumberText class="proiv-fixed-SingleLineTextFocus proiv-SingleLineTextFocus" style="TEXT-DECORATION: ; HEIGHT: 22px; WIDTH: 106px; COLOR: ; TEXT-ALIGN: left; LEFT: 0px; DISPLAY: block; TOP: 0px; VISIBILITY: inherit" value="" autoComplete="false">

    I thought this would work but doesn't do anything. Ive done this before so scratching my head at why this wont input the value as 66666

    IE.Document.getElementById("proiv_MD33S1-PostNumberText").Value = "66666"
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    Thanks for quick response. Yes it is a webbased program using IE which appears to build up a form, but the fact it has "id" made me think I could use those directly. Ive taken a snapshot as the quotes keep dropping.

    This is at the edge of my knowledge really and was hoping it would be just a typo I have done!

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    Will just add in the screenshot I typed in abcd - the code should type this field as 66666.

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    There is a pop up which works so abit stumped on the above?

    With IE.Document
        End With

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