Highlight Cell color in the Loop

  • Hi All,

    I am not able to set the Color for the specific cell . its highlighting in the different cell.


  • Re: Highlight Cell color in the Loop

    Hi kumarkr,

    You have a confusion between array variants and ranges. What I assume you are using is array variants, which do not have the properties (e.g. .Interior) of a range. Also, unless you choose a range that starts at cell A1, your row and column references will refer to the wrong parts of the worksheet (row 1 of the array will not necessarily be row 1 of the worksheet, etc.)

    Unless you particularly want to use array variants, it might be easier to use Range variables.


  • Re: Highlight Cell color in the Loop

    Thanks for the Reply.My project is that I need to compare two workbooks and i need to highlight the cells which are having a difference. Is there any way to do it, the user will have the privilege to chose the excel file, using the dialog file open.
    To Compare the Workbook Ranges i used the Array.it compares but the operation when there is a match green color should be highlighted when unmatched Red color should be highlighted.

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