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    I am using the "Get External Data" function in my Workbook to extract CSV text. The CSV sheet gets updated periodically so I recorded a macro to automate the RefreshAll. It works great but would like to modify the macro so the "Import Text File" selector window doesn't appear every time. There is only one CSV file to extract from called "Dumb_Data" (I know it's a silly name, wasn't my choice lol).

    Here is the code I have...

  • Re: RefreshAll

    No need to add more code. In the Data tab, click Connections to open the Workbook Connections dialog. Select the connection to the CSV file and choose properties. In the Refresh Control section in the Usage tab, uncheck the Prompt for filename on refresh checkbox.

  • Re: RefreshAll

    Or, if I would open my eyeballs, you could just make sure one of the cells in the CSV text is selected and just click the Properties button directly without having to open the Connections dialog.

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