Conditional Formatting

  • This will probable be simple for someone in the know, but what i am trying to do is if three values (F1 +F2 + F3 )added together are less than a number in another cell D3, i wish to use conditional formatting to highlight the 3 cell (F1-F3)

  • Re: Conditional Formatting

    Can't see the problem.

    CF Formula: =($F$1+$F$2+$F$3)<$D$3

    Select F1:F3 before adding the CF and set the formatting as you want.

  • Re: Conditional Formatting

    Maybe i should say that wasn't meant as it seems to read . Just meant it's a standard Excel formula, nothing complicated.

    If you want to test the formulas used for CF, then you can simply enter them in any cell. The only thing to watch out for is they must return a True/False result.

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