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  • Hello,

    I have a code that I use to retrieve work orders into the original template. The user enters the job number they wish to retrieve, very simple and works really good. However I need to add an error handler so if they enter a job number that does not exist that it displays a message telling the user that the job number they are trying to retrieve does not exist.

    This is the code I have...

  • Re: Error Handler

    There's 2 sides to this.

    Check the file exists BEFORE trying to open it - if not then inform user and exit
    Trap any other errors that might occur.

    Try sometihing like

  • Re: Error Handler

    Added a check to see if Dir returns a filename. If not, the messagebox shows and the Sub exits without closing the form.

    Oops, looks like an answer was already posted. Here's my code anyway.

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