Obtain rows with conditionals in another sheet

  • posted on behalf of user "Danielrmz" :

    I want to know if there ir any way, to do the following:

    -I have a list in sheet1, with names, values, discounts, etc.

    I want to know if there is any function that i can use. I want to have a cell in sheet2, that if i put a number, for example 2, bring me back 2 or 3 different rows from sheet 1.

    for example if the number of the cell is 3, I want to bring to the same sheet (sheet2), the complete row number 165 and the complete row number 174
    but if the number of the cell is 7, i need to bring different rows for example 12 and 5, but i will never end using ifs, also it only can be 7 nested.

    what can i use?


  • maybe its too early in the morning for me but i can't see a relationship between the numbers entered and the rows required.


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  • This can no doubt be done, but you need to be more specific about the relationship between the number you enter & the rows you want return. The relationship between "if 3, then 165 and 174" and "if 2 then 12 and 5" is opaque to say the least.

    please post back with more info...if you can't define what the relationship is, we can't devise a formula / code that implements it.


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