Cannot change number of decimals displayed

  • I'm working on a pretty big model in Excel and somewhere along the way I've lost the ability to increase or decrease the number of decimals displayed in the formatted cells. I've tried using Increase/Decrease Decimals buttons on the ribbon (Home >> Number). I also tried right-clicking on the cell, going to Format Cells, and increase the number of decimals on the Number tab there - after clicking ok, nothing happens, and when I go back to cell formatting it's set up to show the same number of decimals as before as if I haven't changed it.

    Anyone run into a similar issue in the past? Any suggestions? I've tried running "XLStylesTool.exe" to remove excessive styles (thought that might be the problem), but that didn't seem to help.

  • Re: Cannot change number of decimals displayed

    Found the solution myself. As I suspected, too many styles caused by data brought over from multiple workbooks into one file.

    Solution: go to Home >> Number >> choose "More Number Formats.." from the drop-down >> on the "Number" tab select "Custom" >> you'll see a list of custom number formats that exist in your workbook. Scroll down past the preset ones that cannot be deleted, and delete one or multiple styles you do not use. This will free up the memory for new styles.

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