Transferring Data Based on Date/Age to Another Sheet

  • I am in need of assistance to identify the age of a row based on an entered date and once the entry is 365 days, to move it to another sheet within the workbook. I have several columns of data within each row and want to identify when it ages to 1 year old, and have it automatically moved from the main sheet to an archive sheet within the same workbook. If needed, there is data in columns A through M, the date for each row is in column C and entries run from row 2 through 51,000.

    I cannot seem to find anything in VBA or a macro that matches exactly what I am trying to do and have attached the file that I am trying to set this up in.

    Thank you for any guidance or assistance.

  • Re: Transferring Data Based on Date/Age to Another Sheet

    You can try this.

    It needs to be installed in the worksheet module for the "Associate Tracker" worksheet.

    The attached file has it installed.

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