error in running conversion macro

  • hello friends,

    this macro to convert and save a file in xl format is not running successfully.
    It gives a debug message


    raw being the file name.

    Could you have a looksee as to whats troubling it
    Help would be deeply appreciated.

  • Re: error in running conversion macro

    Maybe change Select to Activate:


    You do have a sheet named "Raw", right?

    If this doesn't work, please upload a copy of the workbook with any sensitive data removed.

  • Re: error in running conversion macro

    algaeginger, another general suggestion to make your code a lot clear - you actually never need to select anything in VBA (neither sheets nor ranges), it's an unnecessary step. For instance, your code can be written in the following manner:

    Worksheets("Raw").Range("A1").Copy destination:=Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A5")

    This will copy cell A1 from the "Raw" sheet onto Sheet1 and paste it in cell A5.

  • Re: error in running conversion macro

    hello shknbk2, thanks a lot for your prompt assistance.

    i will try it at office n get back.

    thanks again

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