Creating Outlook Meeting Request from Worksheet Data

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  • Good'day Everyone,

    I have Frankensteined (ie there will be a lot of redundant code that I only deleted partially) the following code from various sources online and it is doing exactly as I want but missing the crucial last action. I altered the values of this VBA to create a meeting request in Outlook based on Values on a worksheet. There is also a body text that must go onto the Meeting Request Message body and the value is Sheets("Email").Range("B1:M48"). With my fairly limited VBA knowledge I was able to copy the values I want from the correct work sheet, but I was not able to find the VBA that allows me to paste clipboard onto the Outlook Meeting Request window that opens at the end of the script.

    This could be a 1 liner fix for anyone with the answer but I have spent the last 3 days googling to no avail :yikes: Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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