Specifiying Header, Advance Filter, Copy to new sheet, Stuck.

  • Hi guys, I have following code (note this is only part of my code). This is what it does: In my specified file it looks for the header "node" (in the first row) and gets unique values in that column from that file. Then my macro proceeds to copy these values and paste into a a specified compilation sheet of mine(lets call it the reconciliation sheet). My question is, how can I get this for another header(i.e. add this exact code again but modify it for another header), I have trouble just pasting the code again and changing a few things around.

    If more code is needed to investigate this, I shall post it.

  • Re: Specifiying Header, Advance Filter, Copy to new sheet, Stuck.

    Here is the relevant information, the above is to much. Also ill provide more clarity:

    This code extracts unique values from file(s) columns, it searches a header name(i.e first name)defined in the code, Then pastes into my reconciliation sheet in a vertical format(i.e file name,sheet name, first name, last name)

    Let me first state I actually get no error. But my error would be instead the "Last Name" in my reconciliation sheet is just repeated in column D filled down. Column First Name is done perfectly.

    Can anyone help clean up this code? Perhaps Even help me add additional criteria so I can add more headers to extract?

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