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  • Hi I am stumbling with this so ask for your help please.
    My spread sheet has dozen or more columns with cells that contain multiple lines of text.
    In one column some of these lines of text are colored green and I would like code to hide the lines that are green by coloring them white when necessary, then un-hide by changing them back to green.
    I found and adapted this code but it looks at the entire spread sheet instead of just one column and takes forever before crashing.

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    I used column D. Change as needed. My color green index was 50. Change to match your color index. Also, please use code tags when posting VBA.

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    Thanks Alan but it appears to only works in cells where all the text is green. Each of my cells has lines of text that are green and lines of text that are black and I only want to change the lines that are green.

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    Misunderstood your needs. Using your code, change this line

    For Each c In ActiveSheet.UsedRange

    to the following

    Dim lr As long
        lr = Range("D" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row 
         Dim rng As Range 
         Set rng = Range("D1:D" & lr) 
         For Each c In rng

    again changing the column as needed

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    Hi Alan. Cheers I sort of worked out adding your code for myself but it takes forever as it looks at each character and there are 1000's of them in the column. This is what I have now.

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