Achieve morphing visual changes

  • I'm building a production report. Ithas a pair of macros that hide and unhide a row containing a linechart. Is there a way to make the change visually more of a smooth,stretching, organic, morphing kind of growing rather than the abrupt,sudden, jerky displacement that I see now? I'm building this at homewith Excel 2016. It must function in Excel 2007 on the workmachines. Thank you.

  • Re: Achieve morphing visual changes

    I'd doubt it, but maybe if you uploaded a sample workbook showing what you have now then maybe someone will come up with something.

  • Re: Achieve morphing visual changes

    Graphical effects like that are not Excels' forté. Trying to code it will result in a jerky motion - can guess you're trying to emulate the viual effects of the newer version - even though it's simple to do, it's not worth the effort, IMO.

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