Lookup Multiple Values in a column with the 1 lookup

  • Hello All,

    This is my first post! Thank you to anyone who offers assistance.

    Task: Return Straight time / Overtime hours values depending upon if the source data is R for straight time and O for Overtime.

    My current issue is that i have a table that looksup Employee ID's and returns Straight Time and Overtime hours.

    Although, in the source data there are duplicate Employee ID's. I am trying to use a Vlookup, but it only returns the value of the first instance of the Employee ID.

    The Overtime and Straight time are in the same column in my calculations tab. Overtime is first and the Straight time is under it. This completes the set for each instance of the Employee ID.

    Calculations!B3 is my lookup value (Employee ID)
    Import!L3 is my Overtime / Straight time identifier


    My current formula states:
    =IF(Import!L3="O",VLOOKUP(Calculations!B3,Import!D:H,5,FALSE),"") for Overtime
    =IF(Import!L3="R",VLOOKUP(Calculations!B3,Import!D:H,5,FALSE),"") for Straight time

    This formula works for me, but there are multiple Employee ID's that are the same.

    How can i return the values that i need if there is one lookup value?

    Again, Thank you for any help offered!

  • Re: Lookup Multiple Values in a column with the 1 lookup

    Welcome to the forum - see this post for looking up multiple values...



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