Search in a folder for certain subfolders and then certain files with in the subfolde

  • I have done searches for this subject and have found a way to search for files only or folders only. I have not found a way to search for a subfolder with certain characters in it and then search inside that subfolder for files with certain character.
    For example

    If I have 5 subfolders labeled: "Health 10", "Food 10", "50Health 20", "Fill 50", and "1Life 1"
    I would like to search for "*Health*" in the subfolders. first it would come to "Health 10" go inside this subfolder and do a search through files for "*Health*" copy the sheets from that file to the orginal file once it gets all the files that match that criteria in the subfolder "Health 10" it wwill then move to the subfolder "50Health 20" and search through there.

    I do have some knowledge of vba, but it is almost exclusively staying inside one file. Thank you in advance for any help offered.

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