Copying certain data ranges from multiple workbooks in folder in to 1 master sheet

  • Hello Guys,
    I've been trying to find proper macro that helps me to copy certain data ranges from multiple workbook stored in 1 folder to be copied directly in to 1 master sheet.

    After some time searching i found the code written by Jerry Beaucaire. in the following link.
    to be honest it is very fulfilling and has everything exactly i need except for it doesn't allow me to choose certain range to be copied in the master sheet, rather than that it copies the entire sheets from the workbooks in the mining folder.

    what I need is, if this code with the same functions can be adjusted a little so that it allows me to choose certain values from the source workbooks, also if I get to choose where to paste these data in the master sheet.
    following are few facts about my project
    1- the source workbooks are identical in structure, just has different data.
    2- values that needs extractions in the master sheet almost 5 values.
    3- number of total source workbooks can reach 10,000 workbook, and the question is that can this code handle such amount of workbooks?

    Thank you so much in advance for your support.


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