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  • Can't figure out how to get the worksheet loop to advance to the next sheet. The way code is written currently loops the procedure on the same worksheet. What am I missing here?

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    Fixed it. Thank you for anyone who took the time to review my post. Needed to activate each sheet on the loop.
    The new code is:

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    You don't need to activate the sheet, and it is recommended you don't.

    2 main reasons:
    Code executes faster
    You have to explicitly refer to a sheet, avoids those errors where the code expects a certain sheet to be active, but it's not.

    Note the 'With' and the dot notation in front of Cell references. That's basically a shorthand that says anything after the dot is assumed to be a child of the last object referenced by a 'With'

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    I friggen love this forum. My code actually works pretty fast (not a lot of worksheets), but I do appreciate the quick lesson. I'll give this a shot tomorrow.

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