VBA Tabstrip - store values in Excel

  • Hi There

    Am new to Excel VBA, i create a userform to capture customer data and populate excel.

    My logic

    Tabstrip1 with multiple tabs

    Each tab has same set of objects like text boxes , list boxes. - Ex : textbox1, listbox1

    I assumed value i enter in textbox1 will be applicable only to tab1, but what i realized is when i enter textbox1 value in tab1, the same value is populated in all tab2 i.e tab2, tab3 etc.

    Is there a way to restrict the values i enter to only to that specific tab? so that i can enter different values in each tab and get them store in excel in multiple rows.


  • Re: VBA Tabstrip - store values in Excel

    You need to use a Multipage control, instead of a tabstrip control. Google Multipage V Tabstrip, or look here:



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