Suscript out of error Error handler

  • Hey guys,

    In a lot of my macros I use userforms that have drop down boxes - In these drop down boxes the list is compiled from a range. But then, if someone chooses to manually type something different and click Submit/Ok (which then runs another macro) I'll get the subscript out of range 9 error.

    Is there a basic error handler code I can add in to stop this from happening as I use a lot of different userforms and this happens for lots of things I use

    Essentially, I would like some generic error handler that can help the user from seeing the debug screen when entering a value into the userform that doesn't exist..

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  • Re: Suscript out of error Error handler

    Change the style of the drop down to DropDownList... Then only an existing item can be selected.

    Error handling is a basic component of code, you should read this

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