Run a vba on multiple worksheets when month changes in a specific cell

  • Hello Gurus,

    Please see below a macro that I would like to modify I would like this VBA to run only once every month on 4 worksheets (total worksheet in workbook=10) when there is a change in date. Please note that template is same on all the 4 worksheets. month in Cell D10 changes from March to April on each worksheet.

    Sub TestCopy2()Dim Rw As Long, LR As LongLR = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).RowFor Rw = 1 To LR    If Range("A" & Rw).Value = "Orders per day" Then Range("C" & Rw).Value = Range("D" & Rw).ValueNext Rw End Sub

    Please advice, your response is greatly appreciated. I have included a workbook with 2 sheets and have marked the appropriate cells

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