Moving a row into another sheet based on True/False criteria

  • Hi

    I'm trying (hopelessly) to build a macro to make a report far more efficient but have no experience of writing macros. Please could someone take a look over what I'm doing?

    I have a spreadsheet with three lists of names ("Current Members"), and I have a second spreadsheet of people who have left the company ("Trustwide Leavers"). I have managed to cross reference the two sheets to give me three True/False columns in my "Trustwide Leavers" tab to show if they are on any of the lists, however I now want only the 'true' entries to be copied into a third sheet ("Entries to Remove").

    My tabs are: "Current Members" (the lists), "Trustwide Leavers" (source), and "Entries to Remove" (destination). The true values are in Column I, J and K. If any of these columns contains the True statement, then I want to move them, however I do not want to duplicate them if two or three columns are true.

    Every code I have tried so far has fallen pretty flat, so I am shamelessly asking if anyone can help? I can offer (virtual) cookies?

    Thank you

  • Re: Moving a row into another sheet based on True/False criteria

    It would be much easier to get a response if you would post your workbook.

    You can downsize the sample and desensitize it with fictional names, but the layout must be the same as your actual data, ranges, headers, sheet names etc.

    After clicking reply there will be a new button labeled go advanced, click that button and then there will be a paperclip icon on the toolbar that will lead you to an interface for uploading a workbook.

    Bruce :cool:

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