Too Many Nested Levels

  • Can anyone help me with a formula which has too many nesting levels.

    I have a dropdown selection with 14 options
    So my formula is if D4 = X Y or Z enter certain text in another cell

    =IF(D$4=0,"Enter Dept First & Click Button Again",IF(D$4="Mortgages","MOR",IF(D$4="Deposits","DEP",IF(D$4="Cards","CAR",IF(D$4="Loans","LOA",IF(D$4="Insurance","INS",IF(D$4="BIF","BIF",IF(D$4="Small Business&Agri ","SBA",IF(D$4="Mid/Medium Business","MMB”,IF(D$4="BIL","BIL”,IF(D$4="NIAC","NIA", IF(D$4="Private Banking","PRB",IF(D$4="Network","NET",IF(D$4="Direct","DIR"))))))))))))))

    Thanks in advance

  • Re: Too Many Nested Levels

    My opinion, for that number of matches, the easiest thing to do would be to add the list somewhere out of the way. The list should contain 2 columns. The 1st is the list of options to display (using Data Validation). The 2nd would be the associated code, this can then be determined using VLOOKUP in the destination cell.

  • Re: Too Many Nested Levels

    Would you have an example of Vlookup formula I haven't used this function before

  • Re: Too Many Nested Levels

    Thank you so much for your help, I would never have got that on my own!! must remember for next time.

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