problem with AVERAGE function

  • Respected,
    I have to calculate average of attached an excel 20-25 reading in which there are various combination like
    0.01, -0, -0.01 and 0,
    The format comes from the station which takes the reading so I am not able to control them.
    There are about 200 such calculation daily so at present I have to modify formulae for each to adjust .
    I am looking for a formaule which applies and give correct result though the readings can be in any format.

    I have attached xls file to make the things clear

    Zohar Batterywala

  • Re: problem with AVERAGE function

    Try this formula, however it also takes the Decimals into consideration!


    It's an array formula so CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

  • Re: problem with AVERAGE function

    Respected Sir Mohammed Ismail,
    I am not able to understand this
    "It's an array formula so CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER"

    JazakAllahu Khair

    Zohar Batterywala

  • Re: problem with AVERAGE function

    Quote from StephenR;768972

    You could use this formula in a helper column and then average that.


    Respected Sir Stephen,
    Zohar Batterywala

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