Elements from a html file into excel cells

  • Hi guys, I know this has probably been asked a couple of times, I went through a couple of them and I wasn't really satisfied with the solutions and am hoping for a better one. (If there is one)

    This is currently what I am using to get html into excel

    Dim strMaster, strFileName As String
        strMaster = Application.ActiveWorkbook.Name
        Workbooks.Open Filename:=Application.StartupPath + "filepath\filename"
        Sheets(1).Move After:=Workbooks(strMaster).Sheets(Workbooks(strMaster).Sheets.Count)

    This is less than ideal because it opens the file in Excel.

    What I actually want is when I run this macro, for the html stuff to append to a single cell (or multiple).

    Is there a way to put the contents of the html file without tags and without just opening it onto the sheet?

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