• Hello Team,

    I have attached my file which I want to be able to have several tests on a few different ranges of text &/or number(s) which tests the data, gives a result of 'text' {based on the relevant range, there maybe a few range(s) & based on the text result performs a calculation of the applicable balance left on the individual limit(s). Is it possible to run this test on multiple individual limit(s)? How would I structure the actual calculation so that the rows are validated & then link into the individual's limit(s) I guess I would need a code per person to link to the limit also? i.e row 1 code A & limit A

    Also want the 'family' limit to only be validated if there is a test done on another code/cell which tests if a family limit should be applicable based on this code

    Thank you

  • Re: If statement

    Sorry, I did not understand a word you just said there, plus your file really does not contain much info or data :(

    What you need to do, is...
    - give some sample data
    - provide some sample answers
    - if necessary, explain how you got those answers.

    Keep in mind, you know exactly what you have and what you want, while we have no clue :)



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