Getting the Data with respective images

  • Hi

    the topic of images is very new to me though browsed few threads and worked on the file which is attached

    I am trying to make a small proj on data description with images where i select the image from a folder "Image-Trials" which displays the file name in combobox and its imagebox1.

    I select the image and load into imagebox2 and type its description in textbox
    First how do i store the first Image in the array.

    I want to add a new record by pressing Next. My imagebox2 should be able to store the first image and be ready for the next selected loaded image.

    With pressing next command and previous command will see all the records with its respective selected images in imagebox2

    One needs to create folder "Image-Trials" with few jpg images for checking.



  • Re: Getting the Data with respective images

    Hi SamDsouza,
    You will need to add a "Add Record" commandbutton to populate recImage$ array with the names of the files.
    then only use the next and previous buttons to scroll the array values to load the image.

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