Entering a Formula into Empty Cells in a Column Based On Another Column as Criteria

  • Hi. I have a simple spreadsheet with data in columns A-G (see attached). Users will enter information in those columns regularly. Columns H-J are blank and I fill them in with a formula. Each column (H:J) gets a unique formula. What I want to do is fill in from the first blank row in column H with its formula (down to the end of Column A) and the same for columns I:J.

    I apologize if this doesn't make sense. On the attached file, the yellow highlighted columns are blank by default. After users enter A:G information, I want to run a macro that will auto-fill H-J with the appropriate formulas - but only to the point where Column A is blank.

    If this has been answered elsewhere, I apologize. I've search for a few hours and couldn't find it. Thank you for any help!

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