Userfrom Controls resizing on its own.

  • Hello all,

    Just want to ask if there's anyway to avoid the userform controls resizing on its own? As you can see in the first picture, the form is displaying the controls the way it should be, but in the second picture. The 'Ring' tab and 'Update' button is overlapping each other.


    Hopefully, there's a fix on this. I've tried searching it off the internet and there are articles about ActiveX being quirky when placed in a Worksheet but I haven't seen one inside a userform.

  • Re: Userfrom Controls resizing on its own.

    Quote from pike;769582

    oh update button .... it a pain with just a photo .. move the update to the multipage and increase the fixedtabheight property of the multipage tabs to cover the gap

    Hello Pike,

    Thanks for your reply, sorry I forgot to mention that the first photo was opened from a unit with a lower resolution than the second photo which was opened with a higher resolution unit.

    Nevertheless, I will implement the property that you mentioned above.


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