Integrate combobox created in userform to multiple sheets

  • I'm a bit stuck with this part.
    I have created a userform with different sections. First Section will ask for Part# the userform will search in column A if the part exists if it doesn't it will add it to the last row available. Second section is a combobox selecting a month to add a value to (Columns C,N,O,P,Q). Next Section is the value amount given to the part based on which month is selected. And the next section is where I'm stuck in the warehouse section I want to select a warehouse this references the tabs I created "Elkhart", "Tennessee" etc. I want to be able to add the part in the active sheet which is the "main" and also based on warehouse combobox option to add it to the last row of the tab.
    Ex. Part:Bob Month:Current Add:200 Warehouse:Elkhart East

  • Re: Integrate combobox created in userform to multiple sheets

    Upload the workbook, you can replace sensitive information with dummy data.

    When you click reply there will be a new button labeled go advanced, click on that button then there will be a paperclip icon in the toolbar, click on that icon and follow the instructions.

    Bruce :cool:

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