Re write sumifs macro to last data row

  • Hi All

    I have a workbook with sheets data and summary report .

    looking for sumifs macro to adjust code to last data row.

    Actually not working if rows of data is reduced or added .

    Criteria range is Tariff ,Description and origin of data sheet column to add is Qty and amount of same sheet.

    advanced filter unique is on summary report where is sumif macro is applied as above columns

  • Re: Re write sumifs macro to last data row

    Not sure what you are asking for.

    It appears you are using dynamic named ranges in your formulas, so could you tell us exactly what to do before we run your code and what we will see and what you want to see?

    Bruce :cool:

  • Re: Re write sumifs macro to last data row


    I made the file from scratch now , so there is no data range only formulas.(see new attach)

    So data sheet tariff ,description and origin are sumifs criteria range . Sumifs calculation are qty and montant of data sheet.

    Advanced unique filter value is made and copied as per headers of summary report A , B ,C .

    Sumifs is applied to D and E of summary report and total amount at end of row data to counter check that amount are same on both summary sheet and datasheet.
    the amount is rounded to 2 places in the next column of amount.

    The column G is itemised using the rows functions and matching is done on data sheet column O itemised . criteria tarif , description and origin.

    Same is then used to upload in another interface.

    I have 5 to 6 per day with lots of data rows .

    So I am looking to save time with macro still to last data row .

    The previous was an example but not well designed dynamically.

    Thanks if you could help
    [TABLE="width: 401"]





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