Clickable link on cells

  • Hi All,

    Is it possible to create click able cells, similar to hyperlinks using excel vba?
    The issue is my field doesn’t have a “:” or “@” that can be formatted as a hyperlink.

    How to reproduce a functionality similar to hyperlink, with the blue underline?
    Or any alternative?


  • Re: Clickable link on cells

    Insert a hyperlink pointing to the cell containing the hyperlink - but this seems pointless unless you're going to add code to execute in the FollowHyperlink event. If not then why not just format the cell underlined and blue?

  • Re: Clickable link on cells

    The field will contain code, which allows users to bring up data related to this field, when they click on it.
    This is an existing field, which was not used in this manner. It is being explored as field that can be viable.

    Can you let me know how to implement?

  • Re: Clickable link on cells

    You can't mimic a hyperlink as Excel does not have a Single Click event. It does have a DoubleClick (or BeforeDoubleClick) event so if you don't want to add a hyperlink pointing nowhere as described then you'll have to format the cell manually. You won't get the Hand cursor, though.

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