Progress Bar Implementation

  • Dear Experts

    My customer list contains geo coordinates which are retrieved with a custom function.
    Occasionally, there are some errors: missing values, error messages etc. For this, I have created a userform which contains a list of all customers whose GPS data need to be 'fixed'. That is: connect to Google server and retrieve lat/lng again.

    As the progress can take up to 5 seconds per query, I thought it would be nice if I could display a progress bar somewhere on the screen. Users will thank me for this if there are hundreds of customers whose data needs to be updated.

    This code retrieves the data from the listbox and with a query, retrieves the coordinates from the Google servers:

    How would you integrate a progress bar which progresses whenever the new coordinates have been saved? (bChecked = true)

    Thanks for your help


  • Re: Progress Bar Implementation

    Very simple example using a frame and 2 labels attached (Just so there's no incompatibility issues using the Progress bar in MSCOMCTL.OCX). Displayed when you click the button to Retrieve. You need to edit a few lines to tst.

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