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  • Does anyone know why a one page file with a small jpg graphic on it would be 8MB?

    I have occurrances on the system in question of massive size increases in file when a graphic is added. In one instance I had a file created on my home system with hundred of images and it was 5-6MB. i added one image when i was on my work system and the file went to 22MB!!!.

    The system in question uses Office 2000 running on Win95 but also has NT machines that do the same thing.

    Any ideas:question:

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  • Hi,

    Hm, the source for that kind of behaviour can be tricky to trace...

    Have You turned off the option "Allow fast saves" under Tools | Options | Tab Save?

    What will happend if You save the files with the command "Save as" either under it original filename or under a new name?

    Have You consider to use GIF instead of JPEG?

  • Hi Dennis

    Tried the Save As but didn't change the size.

    Tried copying the entire pages to another document - no change.

    How does the Auto save affect file size????

    There are three types of people in this world.
    Those who can count and those who can't.

  • I'm having this same problem. I have a document I'm creating that is organized in outline format (i.e., various heading levels numbered followed by normal text under each level that may or may not contain additional bulleted or numbered lists). This document also contains a number (approx 20-30) gif images.

    It seems that the more text I add to this document, the larger it becomes. This seems reasonable to a point. However, its has reached that point. Now, the document is exceptionally large (55 meg) and extremely difficult to work with since any type of change and/or save takes an extremely long time to implement. The growth of this document seems to evolve rapidly over time. Unfortunately, I haven't monitored this on a daily basis. The document is currently 47 pages long. I'm using MS Word 2000 9.0.4402 SR-1.

    I've found that if I do a Select All > Copy and paste to a new document and Save, the new document is approx 770K in size. I then keep working (editing and adding text and some additional graphics (all gifs relatively small in size) and my document starts ballooning to Fat Albert dimensions again. This happens over time (1-2 weeks), and unfortunately as explained above, I haven't monitored it closely each day. Everything seems fine in working with the document until it gets to this 'huge' size. At this point, things slow down to a halt, and occasionally Word stops responding entirely.

    The other problem with this "so-called fix" is that each time I create a new doc using the Select All > Copy > Paste, all my outlining gets messed up. I end up with paragraphs that are no longer indented appropriately for the outline level and other similar formatting glitches.

    Would really appreciate some help on this ASAP. Not sure if this is the right forum for this type of question. Is there a different Message Board that anyone would recommend to deal with these Word issues?


  • Sorry I missed this Q, guys.

    There are lots of reasons, but the most common is the graphics. Just some comments here, k?

    1. I've got two digital cameras. One takes jpg pix that are 700+ KB. The other takes jpg pix that are 27+ KB. Quality is the same for both. See if you can't get a camera or software that'll reduce the pix size. I use PhotoDraw, which came with Office 2000 Premium and has since been discontinued (the bastards). I can open a jpg and hit save as, choose jpg, put it up to 50% compression and make that 700+ kb file real little.

    2. If they're jpgs, and they're in your doc, save the file to a new name. Cut the first pix, and hit Edit-Paste special, choose picture (jpg if available) or picture (enhanced metafile if jpg not avail). After you've done it to a few pix, save the file and check the size.

    3. Excel charts? If they don't need to be linked, cut 'em, Edit-Paste special as a picture (enhanced metafile). I received a document last night that was 25+MB. I did this to the charts and it's only about 600KB now.

    Still can't work it out? Send me the file. [email protected]

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