SUM not working in certain cells only

  • Ok, I have a table with 10 rows. Each row is pulled through from the bottom row of another workbook. I have 10 such workbooks, and this table pulls through the bottom row from each to make a sort of "summary" table.

    It used INDEX MATCH to get the data, and pulls it through just fine. In all 11 workbooks (10 + summary) the tables are in A4:Z11.

    I have a totals row in my summary table, and I noticed that in column R, the total is 0. All other column's total row is correct.

    R4:R9 are indeed 0, which is correct, but R10 is pulling through £12,531 and R11 £112,137, again both correct. So surely the total row for R should be £124,668?

    Now what's weird is when I select R10 and R11, the little SUM you get at the bottom status bar of Excel says 0. The COUNT is correct, saying 2, but SUM says 0. If I copy and paste values on R10 and R11, that little SUM in status bar still says 0.

    However if I manually type 12531 and 112137 into R10 and R11, the SUM at the bottom (and the totals row of the table) add up correctly.

    What's even weirder is if I select Q10 and Q11 or P10 and P11 (which all have non zero numbers in), the SUM at the bottom status still says 0 (again, the COUNT is correct) but in these columns the totals row is adding just fine anyway!

    The formula for every cell in my summary table is:


    (obviously the lookup reference changes in each cell)

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  • Re: SUM not working in certain cells only

    Looks to me that your numbers are being read as text (type 2). You can add a 0 or multiply by 1 in order for it to force the text to be read as numbers and change it to type 1.

  • Re: SUM not working in certain cells only


    R10 is pulling through £12,531 and R11 £112,137

    If that is exactly what shows in the formula bar (not just the cell), then that is text, not a number - excel does not include currency symbols in the formula bar for real numbers.

    If that is the case, then you need to track back and find out why the £ is being included in the cell



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