VBA reads "#VALUE" as an expected expression?

  • I have column A with customer names in it formatted as "Smith, Tom A." some names with the middle initial and some without. I need "Tom Smith". This is what I have done which I may be going about totally wrong...

    Suggestions? Ideas? Help!
    Thanks so much,

  • Re: VBA reads "#VALUE" as an expected expression?

    It's difficult to help based off the code, we can't see the data, which cells were selected or the results.

    A workbook would be better.

    When you click reply there will be a new button labeled go advanced, click on that button then there will be a paperclip icon in the toolbar, click on that icon and follow the instructions.

  • Re: VBA reads "#VALUE" as an expected expression?

    Here's two examples of what be done with code if you don't want formulas.

    If you push the buttons in the order I have shown, then the first button will put the results in column B and leave the original data alone, the second button will replace what was originally in column A with the results using code, it's not copying what is in column B into column A.

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