Refedit on an already filtered worksheet to select only visible range

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to use RefEdit to select a split range in one column on a worksheet. Whilst I can use shift and control to select the appropriate ranges (and get Refedit to return the correct split ranges) I wanted to allow my users to also use other filter options on the worksheet.

    Now, if I have all columns as possible filters and use (as an example) one tag column with keywords as a filter and by selecting a specific keyword I filter the worksheet to show only some of the data (hiding many rows). Using RefEdit on the shown selection will not allow me to select ONLY those entries that are visible to my user when he uses the RefEdit.

    Is there anyone who knows any way to change the behaviour of RefEdit to create a selection (Range) that exactly matches what the user selects (considering all the filtering the user might have done prior to invoking Refedit and doing the selection)?

    Kind Regards
    Lars Dahlberg

  • Re: Refedit on an already filtered worksheet to select only visible range

    Sorry for not being absolutely clear (assumptions is a god source of misunderstandings...).
    No, I’m not using BA to filter, I have a very large sheet describing key projects in my organisation and what I’m trying to do is to allow users to filter the list of projects sheet based on a lot of tag fields. Once the sheet is filtered to the users likening he/she will invoke a userform in which I (among many other things) have a RefEdit control. When the user uses the RefEdit to further select a range of project identifiers (in the already filtered list) he/she would most likely select a range that includes holes (cells filtered away) and I’d like the user to just get the range that is visible on the worksheet.
    If the user doesn’t filter the sheet but instead uses refedit to select the cells of interest, then RefEdit returns a range describing only the selected cells. I’d like to get to the same result as manual selection of cells this way is impractical just because the size of the sheet (and the many tag fields).
    In the enclosed file I've provided an example of what I'm trying to do (it is of course very simplified)
    Kind Regards
    Lars Dahlberg

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