Cell Reference and sorting

  • Ok so here is the situation.

    I have a variety of cells on Sheet 1 These are specific programs and the cells that hold the reference are not contiguous, that I would like to have a reference to Sheet 2 which lists all of the programs along with other information about those programs. There is a macro that runs automatically that adjusts values on Sheet 2 and sorts the data.

    The issue that i am running into is that if I use =Sheet2!Q9 in the Sheet 1 cell. When Sheet 2 gets sorted the cell reference in sheet 1 remains the same and is now pointing to the wrong value.

    Is there anyway to always associate the Sheet 1 cell with Sheet 2 cell with sorting. Is there a workaround for this, I am willing to use VBA to resolve this.

  • Re: Cell Reference and sorting

    I believe you should be able to name the cell you are referncing and then that name should move with the cell which would move the reference. I don't know of another way, but I am not an expert by any means.

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