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  • I have a inventory system I'm using. it has two sheets. one is my on hand stock the other is my deductions list. how do I get it to subtract automatically from my on hand sheet when I enter a deduction.

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    It depends on how you have your workbook set up. Could you please upload a sample of your workbook. In order to do so when posting you have to "Go Advanced"

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    Here's an example.

    It uses Tables so the formulas will be automatic as rows are added.

    The Products sheet acts as a simple Stock list. The Transactions sheet is used to record incoming and outgoing stock, stock levels are automatically adjusted

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    Just to confirm. On the transactions page they are listing changes that they are making to the stock and then want that to update the products page? Personal preference if this is the case, is to have three pages. A products page which keeps track of how many of each product you have in inventory. A transactions history page which shows what transactions have already been entered. And a New transactions page which allows you to enter new transactions. With this setup a macro would be ideal. You could setup up a macro linked to a button on the new transaction page. The macro would take any new inputs and add/subtract them from the products page, then moves the transaction to the transaction history page. If this is something you would want and are not sure how to do it I could probably set it up fairly quickly. If you are wanting something different please let me know.

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    Why would you need 3 sheets and why would you even think that a macro is necessary? No macro however well written can be as efficient as a good formula!

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    Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are wanting. The way you have it set up it appears that you would have to add the additions and subtractions to the number that is in the transaction page. This would mean that you do not have a record of the history of the transactions and would have to do basic math instead of simply typing in the new transactions unless you are goint to be typing in any new transactions at the bottom of the list.

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    Are you trying to help me?

    Look at the Transactions Sheet, you had transactions line by line, they are summarised to provide current stock in the other sheet.

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