• I have created a excel spread sheet for logging submittals. I have titled a column “Actual date submitted”. I have another column titled “Number of days out” What I need to do is place a date or formula in the cells of the “Number of days out” column that each time I open up the spread sheet that all the cells in that column will up date to that days date, but left hidden. Then I want to take a row number go to that cell in the “Actual date submitted column” enter a date and move with in the same row to column titled “Number of days out” and have that cell reflect the number between the two dates. CAN YOU HELP!

    Have a great day & Thank you,


  • OK, I think I know where you're coming from.

    First - Create a "Name" using Menu: Insert|Names|Define

    Call the name Today

    In the "refers to" box, type =TODAY()

    OK - now you have a defined name in your workbook that will always return today's date....

    Now - let your "Number of days out" column be colB and your "Actual date submitted column" be colA (just for an eg).

    In say Cell B2 type the following formula
    =Today-A2 (make sure your colB formatted to 'number')

    Say your A2 cell is 01/03/2003 (1st March 2003), then using this formula, cell B2 will show the value 25. (i.e. 26 March - 1 March = 25 days).

    Hope this is what you were after. :beergrin:

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