VLookUp Help

  • I can't get this VLookUp formula to apply to my column.

    Brief background:
    Tab "DATA" has SQL data being pulled in on a refreshed connection.
    Tab "Folder" pulls a list of file names from a designated folder; all in Column A.
    In the "Folder" tab, Column B, I'd like to add the VLookUp formula, but when I recorded the macro it still will not apply to all the cells only the first cell (B2).

    I can find the lastrow, but not sure why the formula isn't apply to every cell. In the For Loop is my feeble attempts at adding the formula in each cell.

  • Re: VLookUp Help

    Because I will not be the individual working on said report/issues it needs to be a "living" document and able to update itself without my intervention each day.

    After playing around with some code snippets I was able to piece some things together to make it work. However, it does run SLOW! That would be my only qualm at this point. In case anyone is interested; here is my solution below.

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