User friendly Macros?

  • Hey,

    I worked really hard though this forum to get a macro to work in my spreadsheet the way I needed it to. And it does. Wonderfully.

    Only problem now:

    I have this macro and I want to put it in a spreadsheet that is accessable to the rest of the staff in a general folder in our intranet. Unfortunately, I'm finding that I have to manually format every computer under every user to allow macros. It's made it one heck of a headache.

    Is there anyway to make the macro safer so other computers will just accept it? Or do I have to make a formula (not a macro) to do the same function that everyone else can use as well? I want to spread the joy and ease of this macro in the spreadsheet.. please help!

  • The only other way that I know of is to digitally sign the macro. Then the other users would still have to designate you as a "trusted source". Sorry, I'm not sure exactly how it works, having never tried it. Take a look at "Troubleshoot security and protection in Excel Help" if you want to evaluate this method.


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