Unique ID formula from reverse date of birth

  • Hey all,

    I've been trying to work on a project for my employer.

    We are a member organisation where each membered account is given an internal ID, however, the same person can have multiple accounts.
    We're trying to instigate a Unique ID which is individual to each separate person, use a reversed Date of Birth : YYYYMMDDXX

    The XX suffix is dependent if the same date of birth recurs within the data set, but with a different user's name.

    I've tried using Countif to try and work this out, but it seems to have an issue if a member has more than 3 different accounts.

    Would anyone be able to help? I don't mind if the odd ID requires manual checking, but at the moment, I've got several hundred to review.

    I've included a sample of my data.



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    So the same user (with diferant accounts) just get 1 List ID?

    And if the date of birth accours multiply time (with another member) it has to be the suffix 02 and suffix 03 (for the third member)?

  • Re: Unique ID formula from reverse date of birth

    These birthdates are the same.

    [TABLE="width: 211"]












    I think that will be a typo.

    Since you don't have any birthdate duplicated you can add 01 to the reversed date.

    To check if a birthdate is duplicate I used Column N => copy paste to the a new sheet.

    After that remove duplicates => data => remove duplicate

    After that a Conditional Format to check if the date is duplicated

    See the attached file.

  • Re: Unique ID formula from reverse date of birth

    Why not create the ID by using reverse DOB, the first 2 letters of first name and the first 2 letters of last name?

    The formula for that would be:


    Put that in F2 and copy down.

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