Count the values by ignoring cells which contain NA

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  • I have tried the below mentioned formula to calculate the % of updates from past 2 months. Updated the month value (in numbers) in column 'J'. For a few of the entries no updates required and have marked them as NA. While calculating the percentage, I am excluding NA values and count the number of updated entries in past 2 months. I am using the below mentioned formula :


    If I replace (INT(MONTH(TODAY())-2)) with the number 3, the result is correct. However, if I try to make it a generic one with the formula, it does not provide the correct value and instead, gives me the count of "NA" in that column.

  • Re: Count the values by ignoring cells which contain NA

    Hi ravs_1006, and Welcome.

    It would be helpful if you could upload a sample Excel workbook of what you describe. Live data often clarifies at a glance.

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  • Re: Count the values by ignoring cells which contain NA

    Without seeing the file my only guess would b do you need the quotation marks around the (INT(MONTH(TODAY())-2)) in your formula in other words would


    work? Purely a guess.[/COLOR]

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