Need a macro for Paste

  • Hello everyone,
    I always think it's going to be easy this time, but then I hit a snag.
    I have created buttons on the ribbon for cut, copy and paste. I know that they already exist, but my clients need everything on one custom tab.
    The macros for Cut and Copy are:

    Sub Cut()
    End Sub
    Sub Copy()
    End Sub

    Simple and they work great. But the same process does not work for a PASTE button. Can anyone help me with code for this? Of course, it will be used after pressing the Cut or Copy button.


  • Re: Need a macro for Paste

    I think you need to specify a place to paste.

    For instance,

    sheets("sheet1").range("A1").paste xlpastevalues

    After copying, will paste in sheet 1 under cell reference A1, pasting as values

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