Data/Validation list.... SOLVED

  • I have a cell that is Data/Validation linked to a column of ISO Currency Codes(eg USD, GBP), Next to the colum of currency codes I have a list of country names matched to their currency.

    I am now trying to find a function(Vlookup, maybe ??) that looks at the currency selected by the user and then returns the name of the country in the adjacent cell ? :question:

  • A Vlookup would solve your problem

    Create a table of currency codes and then the corresponding country

    USD United States
    GBP Great Britain

    This range could then be saved as the name Country INSERT-NAME-DEFINE

    Assuming that the data validation for the currency is in cell B4 enter the following function in cell C4


    B4 refers to the lookup value
    Country is the name of the range, could also be entered as a range eg $G$1:$H$10
    2 refers to the Column in the range
    FALSE means find an exact match

    hope this helps

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