TOPLEFTCELL used to activate seperate sheet

  • Hi,

    I am slowly pulling together a tool to import work from customers emails, create the job sheets and email customer the "before" and "after" photo's upon completion. In this scenario I have rows of data and the Op's manager will use a drop down box to allocate the row (job) to a team (red, yellow, green etc)
    red teams jobs are filtered to a worksheet named "red", Yellow to a worksheets named "yellow" and so on. Once allocated he can then click a command button at the end of the main sheets rows (one button per row) which will open the template jobsheet and copy relevant information from the Yellow / Red etc rows and populate the template, which it then saves as a new workbook named after a cell on the new jobsheet. I am having trouble with grabbing the cell value under the button (the team name) and using it to activate the correct worksheet.

    Here is what I currently have:

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  • Re: TOPLEFTCELL used to activate seperate sheet

    In this case let's use a named range...

    Name the cell that contains your team name: "ShtSelect"

    Your Code will now work using this syntax:

    Matt Mickle
    Using Excel 2010,2013 & 2016

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