Listbox item row really long descrption - word wrap option not working even for txtbx

  • Hi Experts,

    I have a 5 columns and approx. 100 lines of data that is shown in listbox on Userform1. One column named "Definition" has really long descriptions and I am unable to do the word wrap on that column due to which the definition column is cut off and not showing the full length. I tried to expend the properties to fit the column but it looks ugly just because few rows has really long definition. Is there anyway we could handle in the code to e.g. next line, etc.???

    Secondly, the listbox item row upon double clicked open a userform2 which shows the selected row in the corresponding text boxes, again the issue is that the definition column even in text box is not shown word wrap, which I thought should be easy to make it word wrap = true, but its not working here.... I am really stuck here and wanted at least to show definition column on userform 2 in a word wrap Paragraph form. Looking out for help which could possibly word wrap at least textbox (definition).

    Please help here how to handle it possibly maybe in the code or other options. I am using excel 2007.

    Really appreciate your help here...Thanks in Advance.

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