Index match with part of the text as condition

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  • Re: Index match with part of the text as condition

    First the file you attached is referencing another file. This is fine for the final file that you use, but it does make it difficult to fix issues from our side. Instead set up a dummy sheet in the file you are attaching. Second for what you are trying to do you will have to add an if statement wherever you are trying to only grab the data that matches a certain criteria. int eh code I have only changed one part, which is highlighted in yellow, but you will need to fix the rest. Please be aware that this will turn the formula into an array formula which has{} around the whole formula. In order to get this once you have finished the formula press ctrl+shift+enter. =INDEX('G:\CLGD-Techniczny\Faktury techniczny\[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!M$2:M$1048576,MATCH(1,if('G:\CLGD-Techniczny\Faktury techniczny\[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!J$2:J$1048576=F2,'G:\CLGD-Techniczny\Faktury techniczny\[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!J$2:J$1048576))*((MID('G:\CLGD-Techniczny\Faktury techniczny\[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!$D$2:$D$1048576,7,4)="2015"))*('G:\CLGD-Techniczny\Faktury techniczny\[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!U$2:U$1048576=A4),0))
    I hope this helps. If you want some examples of array formulas do a search in google for "Excel Array Formula"

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